Managing Users

As an admin user, you can manage user accounts using the Admin Console, the SCIM API, or a SCIM-enabled Identity Provider like Okta or Azure Active Directory. This topic discusses user management using the Admin Console.


You can use the Users tab on the Admin Console to:

  • Add and remove users.
  • Grant and revoke the ability to create clusters (if Cluster Access Control has been enabled for the workspace).
  • Grant and revoke administrator rights, by selecting the Admin checkbox.

In the example above, William is an administrator and Greg can create clusters.

You can also perform the following user management tasks in other parts of the Admin Console, covered in other topics:

Add a user

  1. Go to the Admin Console.

  2. On the Users tab, click Add User.

  3. Provide the user email ID.

    Databricks sends a confirmation email with a temporary password. If the user does not receive the confirmation email within 5 minutes, ask the user to check their spam folder.


    Another option for adding and removing users is single sign-on (SSO).

  4. If cluster access control is enabled, the user is added without cluster creation permission.

Remove a user

  1. Go to the Admin Console.
  2. On the Users tab, find the user and click the Remove User Icon at the far right of the user row.
  3. Click Remove User to confirm.