Managing Users

Administrator users manage user accounts on the Admin Console page.


An administrator can:

  • Add and remove users.
  • Grant and revoke permission to create clusters subject to cluster access control configuration.
  • Grant and revoke administrator rights by selecting the Admin checkbox.

In this workspace, William is an administrator and Greg can create clusters.

Add a user

  1. Go to the Admin Console.

  2. Click Add User.

  3. Provide the user email ID.

    Databricks sends a confirmation email with a temporary password. If the user does not receive the confirmation email within 5 minutes, ask the user to check their spam folder.


    Another option for adding and removing users is single sign-on (SSO).

  4. If cluster access control is enabled, the user is added without cluster creation permission.

Remove a user

  1. Go to the Admin Console.
  2. Click the Remove User Icon at the far right of the user row.
  3. Click Remove User to confirm.